Ceramic Paint Coating by CQuartz Preserves Your Vehicle Investment

Ceramic Paint Coating by CQuartz Preserves Your Vehicle Investment

How Can Ceramic Paint Coating from Midwest Tinting Help You Protect Your Vehicle Investment?

We all know that the weather in Kansas City can be unpredictable. With the varied weather, protecting your vehicle’s finish can be difficult. We also know that vehicles cost more now than ever before. It is important to preserve the investment you are making in your vehicle. That is why Midwest Tinting is happy to be offering Cquartz ceramic paint coating to the Kansas City market. Learn more about what CQuartz can do for you below.
CQuartz provides the “Wet Look” that will last for years. It helps your vehicle stay clean longer than competing products, and provides years of extreme protection from..

  • UV Rays, and oxidation
  • Oil and water stains / marks
  • Brake dust and iron contaminants
  • Abrasion and weathering
  • Bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs

Preserves Your Vehicle Investment with CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating 2

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